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A common remote alarm shall be provided to indicate loss of voltage to any branch circuits. If the controller provides ground fault monitoring, it is no necessary to provide ground-fault ground breakers.

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Quite la suciedad, la herrumbre y las escamas con un cepillo de alambre. El barniz y las capas protectoras se pueden quitar con un decapante. Carolina estuvo tranquila y mantuvo la calma durante el viaje. En la plaza Martin. La demanda de verduras mini alcanza su cresta en diciembre. El comercio con TFC incluye una amplia gama de verduras mini, de las cuales la zanahoria, el nabo y la remolacha mini, tienen un mercado estable. Mercado especializado El mercado de verduras mini es estable. Una serie de trabajos que para Ernesto son una tarea multiplicada.

Maravilla entre las maravillas la de Angkor Wat, navegue por el Mekong y saboree los fideos en Chiang Mai. Given under my hand and seal this 29th day of September, Incorporation It was noted that the company has been incorporated under the Brunei International Business Companies Order Location of books and records It was resolved that the books, records and minutes of the company be kept at the Registered Office of the company, until otherwise determined by the Director s.

For the present Power Point Limited of Rm.

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A Brunei company, do hereby accept said position effective of the time of my appointment on this 1st day of October, The registered office of the Company will be situated at The objects for which the Company is established are: - 1. To import, export, buy, sell, exchange, barter, let on hire, distribute, purchase, and carry on business as general merchants, and otherwise deal in and turn to account goods, materials, commodities, produce and merchandise generally in their prepared, manufactured, semi-manufactured and raw state.

To manufacture, construct, assemble, design, repair, refine, develop, alter, convert, refit, prepare, treat, render marketable, process and otherwise produce materials, fuels, chemicals, substances and industrial, commercial and consumer products of all kinds. To purchase or otherwise, acquire, issue, re-issue, sell, place shares, stocks, bonds, debentures and securities of all kinds. To act as promoter, subscriber, director, officer, secretary or member of any body corporate or not corporate or unincorporated or other entity or similar entity of whaterver nature and wherever situated, and without limitation to act as a partner, whether limited or unlimited or general and without limitation, to hold any posisiton, office, appointment, membership.

To act as a nominee, Attorney, agent, consultant, Adviser, Manager, stakeholder, escrow, agent, proxy or any other entity or relationship whether having a legal personality, or not PROVIDED that nothing herein shall authorize the company to carry on the business of banking or insurance, nor to act as a trustee of any Trust. To establish companies and associations for the prosecution or execution of undertakings, works, projects or business or investment enterprises of any description, whether of a private or public character, in Brunei or elsewhere, and to acquire, underwrite and dispose of shares and interests in such companies or associations, or in the undertakings thereof.

Seal of the notary CY 7. To carry on business as secretaries, business and office managers, and to provide a telephone answering service for clients and others, and without limitation to provide services in connection with the reception and forwarding of messages and information by telephone, facsimile, electronic mail, telegrams, letters, radio and by any other means whatsoever. For the purposes of the Company to hold, deal with, manage, direct the management of, buy, sell, exchange, mortgage, charge, lease, dispose of, or grant any right or interest in over or upon any real or personal property of any kind whatsoever, including contingent and revisionary interest in any property to undertake and carry on any business undertaking or transaction.

For the purposes aforesaid to initiate, apply for, acquire and hold any charters, Acts of Parliament, privileges, monopolies, licenses, concessions, patents or other right, powers or orders from the Government of Brunei Darussalam or any other government or state, or any local or other authority in any part of the world and to exercise carry on and work any powers rights or privileges so obtained and to constitute or incorporate the company as an anonymous or other society in a foreign country or state.

To carry on the business of a holding company and for that purpose to acquire and hold either in the name of the Company or in that of any nominee securities of all kinds, including shares, stocks debentures, debenture stocks, bonds, notes, obligations and securities issued or guaranteed by any Company or any other legal entity wherever incorporated, formed or carrying on business, and debentures, debenture stocks, bonds, notes, obligations and securities issued or guaranteed by any government, sovereign ruler, commissioners, public body or authority supreme, dependent, municipal, local or otherwise in any part of the world.

To enter into or be a party to any transaction or document, to acquire, hold, dispose of or deal with any information or rights or property of any kind, and to acquire, hold, dispose of or deal with the whole or any part of the undertaking of any other company, association or business.

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To procure its registration or recognition and establish a representative office, agency of branch in any manner and in any place outside Brunei Darussalam. To make gifts and donations, which may lawfully be made, whether the same may or may not be for the purpose of advancing its business. To do any of the things which it may do in association with any other person and as principal or agent or as nominee or for their own benefit.

To do all such other acts, deeds, matters and things as are incidental or conductive to the exercise of the objects and powers of the company. CY To do all other things which are contemplated by, and either specifically permitted or not prohibited by or under the International Business Companies Order or the regulations or otherwise by any written law of Brunei Darussalam. Exclusions The company may not: A. Carry on business with persons resident in Brunei Darussalam; B.

Own an interest in land situated in Brunei Darussalam, other than such a lease as is referred to in subsection 3 e ; C. Carry on banking business unless licensed to do so under the International Banking Order, ; D. Carry on business of providing the registered office for companies; F.

Provide any international business services as defined in the Registered Agents and Trustees Licensing Order, , unless licensed to do so under that Order; or G. The liability of the members is limited. Shares in the Company shall be issued in the currency of the United States of America. Power Point Trust Limited of 51, 5th Fl.

When any provision of the Order is referred to, the reference is to that provision as modified by any statute for the time being in force. Unless the context otherwise requires, "section" refers to a section of the Order, and expressions defined in the Order or any statutory modification thereof in force at the date at which these regulations become binding on the company, shall have the meaning so defined. Subject to the provisions, if any, in that behalf of the memorandum of association, and without prejudice to any special rights previously conferred on the holders of existing shares, any share may be issued with such preferred, deferred, or other special rights, or such restrictions, whether in regard to do dividend, voting, return of share capital, or otherwise, as the directors or the company may from time to time determine, and any preference share may be issued on the terms that it is, or at the option of the company is liable, to be redeemed.