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The other issue is that it is not very bright. We purchased this for a 6 year old and he loved it but I can see it be something that he will quickly out grown. We hung these in the correct positions in my child's room when he was 4, and there they are. He's now pretty much a master of planets.

They look cool, they have the distinctive markings you would expect for each planet, and they're something we can sort of study daily. Great decorative learning tool for young kids. I love this product so much. My husband is so into the universe and space, so I had to get my son a solar system mobile.

I was originally planning on making him one with crafting items from Michaels, and then I ran across this one on Amazon and just had to get it because you are able to paint them on your own. That was my favorite part. I love crafts and I love art, so this item was perfect. I didn't mind the limited amount of colors and the fact that I had to mix colors to make certain colors. I really enjoyed putting this together for our son.

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And he really loves looking at it. He's always reaching up towards it wanting to touch it.

Every time I go into the room with him, I tell him the names of the planets in their order and I This looks even cooler in person. We bought this for our son for his 4th birthday. I am glad the puzzle pieces are large, I was worried about losing them. I am considering purchasing some other floor puzzles after this. Learning Resources Gears!

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My kids love to play with these. I am so happy with this purchase. I bought these to hang from the ceiling in my 7yo's space themed bedroom and they worked perfectly. I didn't hang the sun in his room because it is HUGE! Which is awesome, just not practical! When he is done using them I will be stealing them back and hanging them from the ceiling in my classroom!

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After being hung for 5 months, I noticed Mars and Mercury apparently had a small hole in the seam of them that has been slowly leaking air, but I was able to patch it easily with the patches that come with the set. I didnt use the pump to inflate them so I cant review how well that worked Overall, I'm incredibly happen with these planets and highly recommend them! This really captured our 3 year old grandson's interest.

Simple to operate. Would give it 5 stars but turning the disc to a new picture is quite cumbersome for a 3 year old, the base doesn't attach, and it's difficult to know which planet we are viewing. There is a written description of each picture and disk in the enclosed brochure, but hard to reference while using the projector. Educational Insights Geosafari Jr. My 5 and 2 year old had fun looking at the recent full moon with this.

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We have a more sophisticated telescope, but it's too hard for them to focus on something with it, so this fit the task well only had 10x magnification, but could see a decent moon to get them interested in looking at the moon. I had to put it on a chair to make it the right height for them to see without getting on the ground it was too cold to get down! It's a great price point for a toddler toy, it's certainly not a sophisticated telescope.

They've also had fun using it for pretend play inside on their imaginary ships.

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