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All the clues in the Virginia-themed puzzle describe a term related to the state. See if your students can correctly fill in all the squares without referring to their completed vocabulary worksheet. Print the pdf: Virginia Alphabet Activity. Young students can combine their study of Virginia with some alphabetizing practice.

Thomas Jefferson Mini Unit Study

Students should write each term related to the state in correct alphabetical order on the blank lines provided. Print the pdf: Virginia Challenge.

See how well your students remember what they've learned about Virginia with this challenge worksheet. Each description is followed by four multiple choice answers from which students may choose. Print the pdf: Virginia Draw and Write Page.

  1. The Sopranos (Spin Offs);
  2. Betrayal of an Angel!
  3. Your Message, Your Legacy;
  4. The Illimitable Freedom of the Human Mind: Thomas Jefferson's Ideas of a University.
  5. A Brief Biography.
  6. Lesson Plans | The Monticello Classroom;
  7. Cooking for Presidents.

Let your students express their creativity and practice their composition skills with this Draw and Write page. They should draw a picture depicting something they've learned about Virginia. Then, use the blank lines to write about their drawing. Virginia's state flower is the American dogwood.

The four-petaled flower is usually white or pink with a yellow or yellow-green center. Its state bird is the cardinal, which is also the state bird of six other states.

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Scientific and Technical Innovation. Fairness and Development. Southern Renaissance Becoming Visible Poetry of Liberation Search for Identity. Spirit of Nationalism. Unit Overview.

Instructional Unit: Thomas Jefferson - Charles H. Bolick,

Using the Video. Authors -. William Apess. Hector St.

A Thomas Jefferson Education

Jonathan Edwards. Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Benjamin Franklin. From his father he had a large tract of land and he bought more…. All his life he was trying experiments in farming. He introduced better machinery, invented a plow, and brought many kinds of trees and plants from different countries to find if they would grow in the United States. He was not to be allowed to remain on his plantations. Virginia and the nation had need of him.

HBO John Adams: Thomas Jefferson Predicts the Civil War

He served in the Virginia legislature, in the Continental Congress, where he wrote the Declaration of Independence, and as governor of Virginia. After the Revolution he served in Congress, and from to represented the country in France. After his return he was appointed Secretary of State by President Washington, but resigned in He was a candidate for president when Washington refused to accept a third term, but John Adams, of Massachusetts, was elected.

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It was the law then that the man who received next to the highest vote should become vice-president, and so Jefferson held that office for four years. In he became president, and served two terms. He might have been elected again, but, like Washington, refused the honor…. For the seventeen years following his retirement from office Jefferson lived at his home, Monticello, which became a resort for the great and noble minds in the country.

To his great grief, he was forced to sell his library, which he had been collecting for over fifty years. The money thus obtained was but a temporary relief.