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Greenie 2. Wear these as a set to a St. Patrick's Day party and St. Patrick himself will greet you at the door. That's it for this week, hope to see you soon. Annie's Artifax. Jewelry and Accessories with Attitude. Where Art meets Style. Please forward this newsletter to any friends you think might enjoy it.

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Craft Fair Schedule this Week:. This section is an easy update, there are no more craft shows until May.

More about us:. Somerset, MA Our Boutique is actually three stores in one. Your local connection for the latest in N. A consignment clothing department featuring items from your favorite brands such as: Chico's Gap, Express, J. Jill , and more.

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If you're looking to consign some clothing, you can bring your gently used clothing in any day we're open without an appointment. Benefits of being on our mailing list. University of Anniechusetts. The University of Anniechusetts has also relocated to County St. Registration is not required, just call a couple days ahead. Advanced technique classes also available after basic class.

For more details click here:. Annie's classes. Home Jewelry Parties. Can't or don't want to come to us? There never were snakes in Ireland. It represents St. Patrick's converting the island from paganism to Christianity," Lionelli said. The Rev. Marc Vicari of St. Limit one per family. Bloomfield www. The shamrock is identity of St. Patrick's Day and how St. Patrick was able to teach Irish heritage.

Expires 0 ""' 6 SAVE s2. Expires o "" 4 Ml and to whom he preached about the Holy Trinity.

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The Trinity is like the shamrock, one plant with three leaves. It is one God, but three persons.

Patrick's Day this Sunday. Joseph Scarangella. If it were on a weekday, we would have a Mass. John Mennell at St. Luke's Episcopal Church said that as someone who went to Notre Dame, if the holiday were not on Sunday, he would drink green beer.

At St. Tierney's over on Valley Road, they perhaps have a different perspective on how the day should be celebrated. This yeafs proposed budget will be printed in the April 4 issue of The Montclair Times. The council also introduced an ordinance enabling the township to exceed the 2 percent budget cap up to 3 lh percent and placing the remainder into a "cap bank," an allotment, on paper, that could be used in the event of emergencies.

The township has not made it a practice to utilize the funds described in the raised cap in the past, and the increase will have no impact on the local tax levy, according to Dashield. Nia Gill D- Essex, Passaic concerning early, in-person voting was a topic of some concern. Gill, a Montclair resident, was in attendance during Tuesday's meeting to explain the newly amended bill and answer some of the council members' concerns.

The bill, as presently proposed, would offer state residents the opportunity to vote at designated county polling locations up to 15 days prior to a general election or primary. Those polling locations would be in areas of dense population within each county, excluding school buildings, said Gill. While each county would be required to operate a minimum of three locations, counties with a population between , and , would be required to operate five.

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Counties, such as Essex, with a population exceeding ,, would be required to operate seven locations. Locations would operate from 10 a. Although he once saw it primarily as a day to drink, Farragher noted, his view today of the holiday is deeper. Farragher read: "Sure, I'll still hoist a pint or two, but my first stop is now a church, where I reflect on the saint that was captured and carried off as a slave to Ireland in his teens. Patrick's story resonates with the struggle of many Irish immigrants.

Download PDF This is your Brain on Shamrocks 2: 50 Shades o Green

Like St. Patrick, many Irish people left their homes, "looking for something greater.

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He is the first non-European elected pope. In today's edition, the Rev. Camilo Cruz of St. Cassian Church describes the process of the Conclave.