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Tries by "Bruno" Brown and "Cherry" Pillman, an early wing-forward expert, were both converted in a victory. Lord Howe, Prime Minister H.

The Prime Minister, Mr Asquith, was there, too. Parliament was engaged in a tricky debate about Home Rule for Ireland, but tensions about extremist demonstrations at the ground proved unfounded. Then in March, the Calcutta Cup in Edinburgh threw up the most thrilling game of the season, England carrying off the Triple Crown beating the Scots Scotland led twice before England went clear in the second half. Cue a remarkable Scottish revival. A dropped goal - four points then - and a breathtaking try by John Will from a foot-race against the English speedster, "Kid" Lowe, was converted to leave England hanging on to win by a point.

Ireland and Wales had met the week before to decide the runners-up, each having beaten the Scots.

The game in Belfast went down as one of the roughest ever, several stoppages occurring as players required treatment for injuries. The Welsh pack that season were known - not without good reason - as "The Terrible Eight" and a torrid private barney took place between Wales's Percy Jones and William Tyrrell, the Irish pack-leader. Ireland scored first but Wales took charge to win Jones, a colliery worker, and Tyrrell, a medic, patched up their differences at the post-match banquet and established a friendship that lasted a lifetime.

What about France? Although today's record books show them "joining" the Five Nations in , the contemporary media regarded the then-fledgling rugby nation as also-rans.

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  3. D.W. Griffith's 'Birth of A Nation' Opens, Glorifying the KKK;

Championship tables only recognised the matches among the Home Unions, while reviews of the season covered "The Matches with France" as a bolt-on to their main Championship sections. France, like Scotland, lost all their games and ended the season with a drubbing from England. France and Scotland did not meet. Their match in Paris the year before had ended in a riot, so the Scots declined to host them in Edinburgh in Inevitably it's the subsequent lives of those players who joined forces to wage War that commands the most interest.

Sportsmen in general were prominent supporting their national causes, setting exemplary standards for others from all walks of society to follow. In his book Death's Men the historian Denis Winter makes special mention of the sacrifices rugby union players made, stressing the alacrity with which players from the Championship season joined up. A look at the exploits of the national leaders gives an insight to the contribution rugby players made.

William Tyrrell, Ireland's pack-leader, won an M. Wales were led by Rev. Alban Davies throughout their Five Nations campaign. His mild-mannered persona as a clergyman off the field belied the fire-and-brimstone character who headed the "Terrible Eight" on it. He served with the Royal Field Artillery as a chaplain during the War.

In , the Liverpool club uniquely boasted three international rugby captains in its playing ranks: Ronnie Poulton-Palmer England , Dickie Lloyd Ireland and Freddie Turner, who had led Scotland in For all the gross historical inaccuracies, certain scenes, such as meetings of Congress, Civil War battles, and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln , were meticulously recreated, lending the film an air of legitimacy that made it so effective as propaganda.

In addition to being anti-black, the new Klan was anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic, and anti-immigrant, and by the early s it had spread throughout the North as well as the South. At the peak of its strength in , membership in the KKK is estimated to have been as high as three million.

D.W. Griffith's 'Birth of A Nation' Opens, Glorifying the KKK

There is no doubt that Birth of a Nation played no small part in winning wide public acceptance for an organization that was originally founded as an anti-black and anti-federal terrorist group. Some regard it as an effort at atonement by Griffith for Birth of a Nation, while others believe he meant it as an answer to those who persecuted him for his political views. Intolerance was a commercial failure but had a significant influence on the development of film art. Griffith went on to make 27 more films. Before D.

Under his guidance, filmmaking became an art form. Despite the harm his Birth of a Nation inflicted on African Americans, he will forever be regarded as the father of cinema. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! On the night of February 8, , police officers in Orangeburg, South Carolina open fire on a crowd of young people during a protest against racial segregation, killing three and wounding around 30 others.

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The killing of three young African Americans by state officials, four The first execution by lethal gas in American history is carried out in Carson City, Nevada. The executed man was Tong Lee, a member of a Chinese gang who was convicted of murdering a rival gang member. Lethal gas was adopted by Nevada in as a more humane method of carrying Following the Russian rejection of a Japanese plan to divide Manchuria and Korea into spheres of influence, Japan launches a surprise naval attack against Port Arthur, a Russian naval base in China.

The Russian fleet was decimated. During the subsequent Russo-Japanese War, Japan On February 8, , Peter the Great, emperor of Russia, dies and is succeeded by his wife, Catherine. The reign of Peter, who became sole czar in , was characterized by a series of sweeping military, political, economic, and cultural reforms based on Western European models.

In , while just six days old, Mary ascended to the Scottish throne upon the death of her father, King James V.

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On this day in , Japanese troops evacuate Guadalcanal, leaving the island in Allied possession after a prolonged campaign. The American victory paved the way for other Allied wins in the Solomon Islands. Guadalcanal is the largest of the Solomons, a group of islands and Sign up now to learn about This Day in History straight from your inbox. In a well-meaning but ultimately flawed attempt to assimilate Native Americans, President Grover Cleveland signs an act to end tribal control of reservations and divide their land into individual holdings.

Named for its chief author, Senator Henry Laurens Dawes from In a period when the American pop charts were dominated by cookie-cutter teen idols and novelty acts, he stood out as an all-too-rare Years later, he would play a therapist counseling Adam Sandler in the black comedy Anger Management , but on February 8, , it was the Oscar-winning actor Jack Nicholson who let his anger get out of control.