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Gabriella Karger- S. Placental membrane as a source of mesenchymal stem cells. Sundell IB, Koka P. J Stem Cells ; ; 5 2 As health systems seek reform, they were interested in my opinions on the value of non-promotional interactions with the industry, , New Jersey, USA Listed in by BioMedLib www.

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Curr HIV Res ; 2: Rapid size dependent deletion of foreign gene sequences inserted into HIV-1 upon infection in vivo: Implications for vaccine development. Curr HIV Res ; 3: Thrombocytopenia in HIV infection: Impairment of platelet formation and loss correlates with increased c-Mpl and ligand thrombopoietin expression.

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J Stem Cells ; 4 2 : J Stem Cells ; 4 3 : Virology ; 2 This Article, doi: Induction, isolation and characterization human fetal hematopoietic cancer stem cells in vivo. J Stem Cells ; 5 1 : Sulfatide administration leads to inhibition of HIV-1 replication and enhanced hematopoiesis. J Stem Cells ; 5 2 : Re-listed in by www. Potential yoga modules for treatment of hematopoietic inhibition in HIV-1 infection. J Stem Cells ; 5 3 : J Stem Cells ; 7 1 : Ranked 8 in the top 20 articles of www. Evidence for extended age dependent maternal immunity to virus in infected children: mother to child transmission of HIV infection and potential interventions including role of sulfatides of the human fetal adnexa and complementary or alternative medicines.

J Stem Cells ; 7 3 : Enhancement of cancer stem cell susceptibility to conventional treatments through complementary yoga therapy: possible cellular and molecular mechanisms. J Stem Cells ; 7 4 : Development and validation of a need based integrated yoga program for cancer patients: A retrospective study. Potency of adult mesenchymal stem cells in the cell based therapy. J Stem Cells ; 8 1 : Levato, R. Acta Biomaterialia , volume 18, issue , year , pp. Frontiers Research Topics noticed that this Review of ours has already received 8 citations as communicated by Catriona Christodoulou www.

Ayurveda for chemo-radio therapy related side effects in cancer patients. J Stem Cells ; 8 2 : Biotherapeutic approaches to target cancer stem cells. Hematological malignancies: disease pathophysiology of leukemic stem cells.

Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 7 Therapeutic Applications in Disease and Injury

Functional role of solid tumor stem cells in disease etiology and susceptibility to therapeutic interventions. Cancer initiating cells as target for prevention of recurring disease etiology: role of these malignant putative progenitor cells in relapse or metastasis of human cervical carcinoma. J Stem Cells ; 9 3 : Ramdass B, Koka PS. Ligament and tendon repair through regeneration using mesenchymal stem cells. Peripheral Arterial Disease Lower limb ischemia causes a decreased blood flow in the lower leg with intense pain and swelling [ ]. Ischemia Stroke Cerebral infarct is a process, in which brain damage increases with time.

Nervous System and Neurodegenerative Diseases The classical notion of a renewal of adult neuronal cells is today questioned, but the therapeutic applications still remain uncertain. Bone and Cartilage [ — ] The prevalence of osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease will increase in the near future, driving the market for SC therapies for joints and cartilage [ ]. Dermatology In mammals, cell renewal on the external surface of the skin is ensured by the keratinocytes of the basement layer which divide actively and are differentiated into cells of the stratum corneum.

Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 4 (eBook, PDF)

Pancreas and Diabetes [ ] The cell graft appears to be an alternative to the medical treatments for pancreas diseases. Liver Diseases In response to a variety of chronic injuries such as hepatitis, alcohol or drug abuse, metabolic diseases, autoimmune attack of hepatocytes or the bile duct epithelium, and congenital abnormalities, liver fibrosis occurs and finally leads to hepatic cirrhosis and liver failure. Urology and Erectile Dysfunction The group of Atala in USA performed urethra transplant in young patients, prepared in vitro from bladder cells cultivated on a collagen and polyglycol acid matrix [ ].

Retina The different ophthalmologic treatments with SC mainly bone marrow are related to retina diseases, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and hereditary dystrophy [ — ]. Stem Cells and Whole Organ Engineering The relevance of research into the creation of reconstructed organs is justified by the lack of organs available for transplantation and the growing needs for an ageing population.

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Heart Heart construction could be an alternate option for the treatment of cardiac insufficiency in the future. Lungs About fifty million people throughout the world are living with chronic respiratory failure at a terminal stage. Liver Recent researches have shown that it was possible to use decellularized liver treated by detergents as scaffold, which keeps the entire network of blood vessels and the ECM [ ].

Kidney [ — ] The kidney is certainly one of the most difficult organs to reconstruct due to its tissue complexity and the heterogeneous nature of the cells from which it is constituted. MSC Secretome for Tissue Repair: Towards a Cell-Free Therapy Even if initially MSC were proposed for cell therapy based on their differentiation potential, the lack of correlation between functional improvement and cell engraftment or differentiation at the site of injury has led to the proposal that MSC exert their effects not through their differentiation potential but through their secreted product [ , ].

Conclusions The regeneration of tissues and organs and the use of SC for clinical uses are and will remain a challenge for the development of cell therapy and tissue engineering.

Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 11 : M. A. Hayat :

Several challenges should be overcome: increase of the yield of preparation of the differentiated stem cells and study of the heterogeneous character of the preparations; possibility to have a standardized and reproducible product preparation of controlled batches ; technical problems regarding the definition of scaffolds, cells used, long-term stability, and culture medium.

In particular, the impact of the biomaterial used remains to be defined; grafting biotissue can be introduced via direct cell implantation cell therapy , biotissue transplantation, or gene therapy ; risk of teratogenic effect and of immune reaction i. Conflict of Interests The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this review. Authors' Contribution J. Stoltz and N. References 1.

Stem Cells And Cancer Stem Cells Volume 4 Therapeutic Applications In Disease And Injury

Islam A. Haemopoietic stem cell: a new concept. Leukemia Research.