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James Grasso. Matthew Pullar Goodreads Author. Poetry , Religion , Memoir. Combine Editions. Matthew Pullar Average rating: 5. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Upcoming Events. No scheduled events. Add an event. Matthew is Currently Reading. Matthew Pullar is currently reading. Nov 11, AM. The Autobiography of St. Nov 08, AM. Matthew Pullar rated a book it was amazing. Accidental Misnaming : Rad used to engage in this, as he called Rachel 'Way' since he couldn't get her name right when younger.

Adaptational Intelligence : From the way Swoop and Grimlock talk in complete sentences, the-not-yet-Dinobots are this. In both cases it certainly reveals more about their characters. The Adjectival Man : The hologram girl is simply known as, the hologram girl , or ' the green-haired girl '. It's not until Shielding Ourselves when she finally gets a proper name.

Advanced Ancient Humans : The people of the ruined underwater city who reverse engineered Cybertronian tech. He doesn't object, so it's presumed he doesn't mind. Agree to Disagree : Essentially how Rad admits how complicated things are when he tries to argue with Leader High Wire justifies why they have 'secret tunnels', and uses them to lead Rachel to the disk keeping all the doors locked. To drive it home, they even meet the other Autobots mini-cons inside! The Sleep also uses this in a movie theater to put everyone to sleep.

Alien Non-Interference Clause : Implied to be the reason the Autobots and even the Decepticons don't want people to know about them, and Carlos only got away with taking the mini-cons to the science fair was because people assumed they were part of the fair. Aliens Steal Cable : Surfing the Internet and Hot Shot actually steals cables, complete with a television he rigged up.

Aliens Steal Cattle : Maya's report of an 'alien sighting' includes there being a mention of cattle theft.

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Always Save the Girl : Rachel ultimately choosing to save the hologram girl than the mini-con. Played Straight with the Decepticons though. Anatomically Ignorant Healing : Observed early on after a character is injured, as Red Alert has no idea what to do, but it's made clear later on he gained that knowledge of human medical aid. Androcles' Lion : The Dash. It's played a bit more realistically, as it takes a bit of warming up before The Dash comes around to Carlos, but is very attached to him. Anger Born of Worry : Alexis can get like this, and Rachel was especially like this when she thought Rad was hurt in the cave Windfall Part 1.

Kero : about trusting Alexis and Carlos That's just it, you're entire arguement relies on an if. Here's something for ya; what if they can't adapt? Rad : I I don't know But what I do know is that if I can't trust them, then who can I trust?

How much weight can it withstand? What about breathing? And why is it orange? Starscream After avoiding hitting Scavenger by accident : Were you just standing there?

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  • Scavenger : Yes. Hot Shot : after Scavenger takes a shot at his helm Just like a 'Con, taking a cheap shot.

    Scavenger : What you call cheap, I call practical. Kero : This is nothing compared to what a ten-year-old could do. Rad : What are you saying? That Rachel opened the Sakura Book? But-but-that would mean-.

    The Watery : It wasn't supposed to be you. It was supposed to be her ; I bet Kero never told you that part, did he?


    Maya : I will not allow harm to come to [Rachel] or [High Wire]. You will leave or I will continue to fire. Head Butting Heroes : Hot Shot and Red Alert, with the two at odds with one another until the Dash Away three-parter, then they try to get along better.

    Heroes Want Redheads : From the way that Rachel focuses on Stella's red hair when she sees her, it may be a bit on the nose. Heroic Self-Deprecation : When Rad explains to the Autobots about magic and Smokescreen asked why he didn't escape the 'Cons on his own , Rad rather self-consciously admits without his key he's rather useless.

    Here We Go Again! Cyclonus lampshades it, but Megatron just tells him to shut up.

    Hero-Tracking Failure : Played a bit more realistically, as when the Decepticons fire at Rachel in Sleep Tight , the majority fail to hit, but the final shot does. He's a Friend : When Sideways and Rachel meet properly , the latter is spitting mad. Rad manages to settle things by pointing out the former's not so bad, and becomes practically his rallying party to vouch for him later on.

    High-Speed Missile Dodge : Cyclonus tried to take out what he thought was Hot Shot, but Rachel hears the missiles coming and everyone gets out of her car in time. Holding the Floor : Rachel does this with Megatron to keep his attention from the escaping the kids and mini-cons.

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    Earlier, Alexis also did this to Megatron to give the Autobots time to reach her, Carlos and their mini-cons. Hologram : The holograms in Lock It Down. Holographic Disguise : Mirror, the mini-con's disguise when out of the base. Clara J. Kelley, c o u n t y home demonstration agent, announced coming events of interest, the flower and vegetable show on June 15, home show June , Comanche county fair, Sept. Harold W. Hallett, executive director of the Comanche County Tuberculosis association, spoke to the group on methods of prevention of the disease.

    Schuman, Claud Watson and Roy Reh- walt. Burns On June 23 19 Adding a new date to the area nuptial calendar for, June is announcement made by Mr. George Ennis, Loveland, of the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter. Burns of the Loveland community. Fred Burns, also of Loveland, is the future bridegroom's mother. Claud L. Bunyard will, officiate. After the ceremony, a reception will be held in the church basement. Both the bride-elect and her future bridegroom were graduated from the Loveland high school in the class of ' Burkham and family have moved to Las Cruces, N.

    Burkham was formerly in the hardware and plumbing business in Apache. Rudolph Buchwald, Faxon, has returned to her home after spending several weeks with her son and daughter-in-law, Mr.