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One of the most important benefits of being a C, he writes, is the preservation of privacy: "A life in the lens is not worth the flash of the bulb. Whether this life in the shadows is feasible in politics at the present time is doubtful. Willie Whitelaw, an invaluable support to Margaret Thatcher and a restraining influence on her in the formative years of her premiership, contrived to be a pivotal player while staying out of the public eye for much of the time.

But Whitelaw was an old-fashioned figure operating in a time when politics was not — as it is now — largely an exercise in media management. For both good and ill, advisers have become an integral part of the story politicians present to their parties and the public. The meatiest section of Consiglieri is Hytner's typology of the breed: A-leaders rarely rely on any single adviser, he tells us, and advisers themselves fulfil a variety of functions. They can act as caddies — telling the leader about the course, supplying the right clubs and providing an atmosphere of calm confidence and focused attention.

Or roadies — providing organisation, emotional support and sanity; undermen male or female who take part of the A-leader's load; cornermen who give direction; sherpas who have an intimate acquaintance with the mountains to be climbed; or philosophers who provide an independent point of view — and may sometimes explain the processes whereby A-leaders make their decisions better than A-leaders can themselves. Hytner mentions Charlie Munger, the billionaire investor Warren Buffett's long-term deputy, as an example of an adviser blending harmoniously with an A-leader.

One reason the partnership has worked so well may be that Munger understands his boss's rare gift for decision-making better than Buffett does himself. In a brilliant essay on what he calls the psychology of misjudgment , Munger has analysed the cognitive and emotional biases that — in investment and life as a whole — lead predictably to failure, such as the tendency to hang on to our beliefs when the evidence changes, or using past correlations as a basis for making decisions about the future.

Whether or not he knew it, minimising and quickly rectifying these common mistakes has been a key element in Buffett's career. C-leaders also include coaches who inculcate practical and social skills; anchors who by acting as fearless sceptics, truth-speaking friends or professional fools, protect their leaders from dogmatism and hubris; and seekers who encourage leaders to let go of their self-image and pet projects.

C-leaders can be deliverers, a category that includes people who create an ambience in which the leader can thrive, fixers who defuse danger and get the job done, or gamers who see several moves ahead and can act for successive leaders. Each kind of consigliere comes in a variety of guises. Leadership manuals aren't a new genre, or one that's distinctively modern. Machiavelli's The Prince was an early example of the "mirrors for princes" that existed throughout medieval and ancient times.

What does it mean, especially for a woman, to find herself in solitude on a trajectory toward an unknown? In a craft essay that became the prelude, I explored what it meant to seek out the half-obscured corners of her story, the fraying edges of her voice. Inevitably, it is another dark dimension of the self that one uncovers. Tell it slant , Emily Dickinson said, and that is exactly what retellings and persona poems enable: angled articulations.

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Sometimes saying the thing over here allows you to get out of your own way. Sometimes exploring what you do not know reveals what you do. A trick you play on yourself can help you to say what you cannot otherwise say, to discover what words you cannot yet utter even to yourself.

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  3. Shadow Work.

What are the things you are able to voice only when you are no longer looking at it directly but from a peripheral location? Persona poetry is often compared to wearing a mask, but to me it is like speaking into a shell. A shell hides and holds, yet it is also a vessel with an opening through which air cycles and escapes.

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The opening is small, spiraled, folded in upon itself. Sometimes the only way to say the thing is to begin half-hidden, half-covered, a hushed circling of air. Some things can only be said when you turn out the lights and turn toward a small corner. I am not someone who shouts her words directly into the daylight; I never had that sense of legitimacy, and often I remain silent, unvoiced.

I am not even someone who always knows what she is trying, or needing, to say. What I can do is seek permission in the form of a safe container and then push at the boundaries; I can borrow a mouth and then spin its breath:. In many ways the book is about the need to unbuild in order to build home, world, self —and this is precisely what the form enacts, where leaving something behind is just as integral as bringing oneself elsewhere.

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