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One Saturday afternoon in October, , Lt. James McAuley and Cpl. Using only the books they had at hand--a complete Shakespeare, Ripman's Pocket Dictionary of English Rhymes, the Concise Oxford Dictionary, a book of quotations, as well as a report on mosquito control--they crafted a series of poems that they attributed to an imaginary figure named Ern Malley.

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After crumpling the paper and staining it with tea to evoke Malley's tortured drafting, they sent three poems and a letter from Ern's equally fictional sister, Ethel, informing Harris that the twenty-five-year-old Ern had recently died from Graves' disease and had left his work with her. Immensely impressed, Harris replied to Ethel that he wanted to publish the poems and wished to see more of Ern's output. Ethel duly sent a book of seventeen poems entitled The Darkening Ecliptic, along with a preface outlining Ern's aesthetic principles.

Harris published these writings in June Within two weeks the hoax was exposed, and McAuley and Stewart penned a letter explaining that the trick was a "serious literary experiment" aimed at discrediting modernism, which had led to the "gradual decay of meaning and craftsmanship in poetry" Ern Malley's Poems [EMP] 7.

Not long afterward, Harris was arrested, tried, and convicted of publishing "indecent" material in the Malley poems. Many literary historians, especially Australians, are familiar with this version of the incident. But like all literary fakes, the Malley forgeries are enveloped within at least two stories--one meant to authenticate the fake, and a second designed to explain and justify the perpetrators' motives. This is a literary novel, so the monster isn't meant to scare but to represent something and the ending isn't anything so mundane as either the evil is vanquished or it isn't.

Literary novels expect the reader to work, but "My Life as a Fake" peters out so quickly after a somewhat confusing climax that this reader was left feeling that the author should have carried on at least a little further. For more information on newspaper subscriptions and newspaper delivery, call or email deliveryservice hcnonline. For information on local classifieds and other HCN advertising, call Neighborhood News. Tomball lights Christmas tree. Navy CPO surprises daughters at school after month Spring home with its own airplane hangar back on the market at See demolished West Clear Lake mansion in its prime.

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Contract given for Spring road improvements. Carey's fictionalized version of the literary hoax takes a decidedly Frankensteinian twist that makes for some good reading, if, in the end, the conclusion doesn't quite live up to the novel's early promise. Traditional fans of Carey should beware. It poses as high literature, but really its just a well spun mystery yarn marketed towards book geeks. Christopher Chubb is a convincingly creepy and ambivolent character but otherwise all the personages who populate My Life as a Fake are functional because, as I said before, this is at heart a straight forward mystery novel and in straight forward mystery novel, however literary their trappings, the primary purpose of all characters is to serve a practical function.

A damn good read, but not the usual fare from Peter Carey. Carey writes beautifully. His settings drip with realism and his characters are completely believable. Unfortunately in this case his characters were three elitist white bores having their emotional dramas in Kuala Lumpur. There are a series of exoticised Asian stereotypes, a cursory mention now and then that colonialism might not be such a great thing for everyone but mostly the three very unlikeable characters live out their dramas in a way that exploits rather than explores the setting.

I Carey writes beautifully. I completely loathed Chubb and Slater.

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I could relate a little, except she was so darn privileged and well connected and a thorough bitch with it though maybe a little less so than the narcissist Slater and the whinging xenophobe Chubb. I think Carey has tried to render unlikeable characters complex and likeable. I just kept seeing the race, class and power in the interactions and absolutely hating them for all that their hearts were broken or they were capable of moments of kindness toward other white powerful people in a way that not at all undid the hierarchy. Either way I have to give this 3 stars for the clever idea and the masterful writing but I can't give it more because I didn't enjoy it or feel like it was a great insight.

Oct 11, Nick Sweeney rated it it was amazing. One of my favourite books of all time. Carey looks at how it might have all come back on the hoaxer. What happens if you create a monster? The story of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is very much on PC's mind here, and he doesn't mind signposting that. I saw a few parallels with Coleridge's One of my favourite books of all time.

I saw a few parallels with Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, too, the tale of a man who has trangressed, and is doomed to tell his story. Christopher Chubb is the hoaxer in Carey's story, and he cuts a pathetic figure, a man reviled by his neighbours in Kuala Lumpur not because he is a poverty-stricken bicycle repair man, not because he once made a literary hoax that, by his admittance, maybe fifty people in all Australia gave a damn about, but because firstly he's a white man fallen to such depths, and secondly the locals have some residual belief that he embodies some kind of evil spirit.

The reason why is revealed in the story that unfolds, and it's a desperately sad one, in which his creation wreaks a monster's awful revenge, using not only his own wiles and the knowledge he gains, but the myths and superstitions around him in Asia. I read this not long after it first came out, and this was my second time reading it.

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I don't think it'll be the last. Mar 31, Shannon rated it really liked it Shelves: bookclub. She travels to Kuala Lumpur on the invitation of her acquaintance, the poet John Slater, with whom she has a long and complicated past. By accident she meets Chubb who is working in a bicycle repair shop.

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He gives her a glimpse of a poem by the poet he created named McCorkle. Sarah is desperate to retrieve this poet's work to make her own claim to fame. However, first she must hear the whole gruesome story behind it.

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It is a complicated affair leading Sarah and the reader to wonder what is real and what is fake. The novel is haunted by the presence of a seven-foot giant, Bob McCorkle, who it turns out is the fake poet that Chubbs once invented. Unfortunately for Chubb, his art becomes life, and McCorkle haunts him everywhere, even kidnapping his child and destroying his very life. There is good reason that Carey uses a quote from "Frankenstein" in his foreward to the book.

Micks ultimate destination is this manuscript; she is convinced that this collection of poetry will work wonders for her and her magazine. Layer upon layer of fake and it is up to the reader to try to determine what is truth and where it lies. Dec 04, Dereck rated it it was amazing. I've read a couple of novels by Peter Carey now, and after reading this, I've promised myself that I'm going to read everything that he's ever written. Reading this makes me think that if you've not read anything by Peter Carey, there's an undiscovered goldmine out there for you.

A literary magazine editor gets dragged to Kuala Lumpur, where she hears the story of an Australian poet who invented a writer, and associated body of work, in order to hoax a rival. The fraudulent poems are published, a I've read a couple of novels by Peter Carey now, and after reading this, I've promised myself that I'm going to read everything that he's ever written. The fraudulent poems are published, a high profile court case ensues, and the rival is found dead, ostensibly by his own hand.

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Our editor sits with the poet to hear the fascinating and sometimes deranged story of the hoax, and the lives contained within and affected by it. It's not the easiest novel to read, for example there are no speech marks, but the writing makes it clear when dialogue is taking place, or when there are shifts in time etc.

I'm sure that anybody who's studied English literature would see levels that I wasn't aware of, but it didn't matter. It was a fantastic read. I was absolutely hooked, drawn in by every word. Somewhat inspired by actual events and seeming to draw on some events in the author's life, this is a novel that I'm sure I'll come back to again and again Mar 28, Maya Lang rated it liked it. The strangest, craziest part of this book is that it is inspired by true events.

Two guys on a military base in Australia invent a poet, who is deemed the next literary genius, before the whole hoax comes out. Peter Carey injects a Frankenstein note: what if the made-up character were to then come to life by someone claiming to be the poet? I loved the premise, but the romp through Malaysia jungles! Part of me The strangest, craziest part of this book is that it is inspired by true events.

Part of me wondered why he didn't just keep with the original story, which seemed amazing enough on its own. I mean, can you imagine, deciding to invent a genius? And then having it work? Dec 18, Megan rated it it was amazing. What a strange, fantastic book. The characters are rich and interesting.

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Particularly adorable is the narrator, Sarah. She is so incredibly unlikeable, snobbish and boring yet somehow also sympathetic and terribly human. Carey had me laughing out loud at her awkward contradictions The story itself has such a strange setup and takes the reader to some very unexpected places, all for the love of poetry, and more specifically, Sarah's ambition to associate herself with the poetry of genius.

I'll What a strange, fantastic book. I'll avoid a plot summary. Once again, well done Australia! Jun 11, Mike Lindgren rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction. Australian talespinner Carey wins points with this affecting and ingenious potboiler about a literary feud gone sour, set in a sinister southeast Asian backwater. The narrative Australian talespinner Carey wins points with this affecting and ingenious potboiler about a literary feud gone sour, set in a sinister southeast Asian backwater. The narrative drags a little in the second half, but remains on the whole highly entertaining.

Oct 27, Marsha Hudgens rated it it was ok. This is based on a true story about a literary hoax that made fools of some prominent literary snobs. I suspect this book is a bit of a literary hoax itself, intended to poke fun at literary snobs in general.