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Signed autograph of Louis Pauwels Guy Lavaud. Sacred dances? Dancers are supposed to smile. And the Institute itself, with its novel and challenging printed statement of purpose—really? Is such a school needed? It was too much for most observers and, though there were exceptions, newspaper reports for the most part lurched toward entertaining distortion and condescension. Gurdjieff abandoned publicizing the Institute and his work in choreography. In later years he was typically abrupt with journalists; he wanted no part of them. Despite the mixed public reception in those early years, there were visitors who stayed, audience members who recognized in the dances and the dancers a new way of being.

Chapter 4 looks more closely at this enduringly vivid and touching encounter, but something should be noted now.


Orage, editor of the leading literary journal of its time. Driven by superb powers of observation and a sharp wit, her short stories became part of the canon of twentieth-century literature. And she sickened. When she was diagnosed with tuberculosis in , her life became a pilgrimage or flight from place to place, from healthy mountain air to doctors who offered some hope of a cure to quiet times in England and on the continent when she believed that all could again be well.

Through her notebook for we can visit a key moment in these increasingly difficult years to hear something of her private sensibility, not yet fully revealed in her stories. O those that come after me—will you believe it? It simply cannot fail. All else fails. It is a raw, untutored capacity. Guided by Orage, who also became a resident at the Institute in its very first weeks of existence, October , Mansfield left behind physical therapies that had done her no good and wished to rework her life in some new way that she understood the Institute to offer.

From all I hear he is the only man who understands there is no division between the body and the spirit, who believes how they are related. You remember how I have always said doctors only treat half. It is. But first I must learn how. I believe Gurdjieff can teach me. Gurdjieff understood the possible consequences of lengthening her stay, but Mansfield already had friends, among whom were the women Gurdjieff had assigned to make her life comfortable.

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The best account is from Tcheslaw Tchekhovitch, a mighty young man with a big heart—once a professional wrestler and circus strongman—who had accompanied Gurdjieff since meeting him in Constantinople. Tchekhovitch noticed one day that Katya as he called her was sad and, asking why, learned that Gurdjieff had suggested she would be better off in a sanatorium. Gently, I spoke my mind. As Gurdjieff must have known, it was not a burden that could be shared. Out of sheer kindness he permitted her to stay. Letters to her husband and a conversation with Orage, later recorded by him, as well as a conversation with P.

Ouspensky, bear witness to the joyous weeks of discovery and self-discovery, of comfort and fellowship, she experienced. She died suddenly on January 9, ; her grave in the local Avon cemetery is a few yards from the Gurdjieff family plot.

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It was as if Gurdjieff had irresponsibly deprived English letters of a treasured person. Orage, such a central figure in English letters, was alarming. James Moore, author of Gurdjieff and Mansfield , makes the relevant inventory. In the first stack, Mansfield was depicted as an angel, a supremely refined, loving intelligence briefly cast into our world and sadly snatched away. In the second stack, Gurdjieff was depicted as a devil, an untrustworthy exploiter.

Weiser Antiquarian

Despite that, let us honestly ask ourselves considering the fact that it really seems quite true that all human relationships are indeed a kind of master-slave relationship in its most 'repulsive' connotation; and lover-beloved relationship in its most 'desired' one, do we regret the times in life when we experienced One and the Same Thing, but in its second connotation? To put the question in another way: Do we regret falling in love, even if now we might think it was not love, but enchantment, ignorance, stupidity, hypnosis, this or that? Which brings us to the question: Is initiation to GIG's teaching a blessing or a curse?

We can be thankful to Monsieur Gurdjeff for de-mystifying the ever enchanting Eastern mysticism for us through his 'scientific, modern' exposition, while at the same time showing us the result of industrial revolution whose cradle is now the center of civilization in the western hemisphere! What determines life there? Is it anything other than Alarm Clocks?

Much more than documents.

Watches, and in a softer word, Time? Then don't the majority of people leaving under such ruling system automatically become living machines as the result? Thus isn't his teaching the Alarm to bring us to ourselves before the earth gets destroyed by our race, a race partly mystified by religious and mystical dogmas and partly by the cruel Heropass Time , the sole rival of Creator, forcing IT to create the universe to save Its heavenly seat and even to renounces Its most beloved son, Satan? See Beelzebub and Life is Real Going back to the subject of calling GIG's teaching fragmentary, another reason for it appearing as such lies in GIG's literary style, strange and unfamiliar in the west, yet a rather common practice in Persian literature in general and poetry in particular.

In this kind of style, the subject in question is elaborated in a spiral way as in Dervish dances and when there are several topics under study there will naturally be more spirals within each other - now called narrations within narrations. In addition, GIG's use of long sentences is also very typical of Persian prose writing, at least before the emergence of grammar. Perhaps that is why GIG attributes what he likes to say on this subject to an unknown old Persian intellectual man or may be he virtually quotes him in his second series, Meeting the Remarkable Men.

The style used in Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson is a more or less exact imitation of Molana-Rumi's canon manavi , but in prose instead of poesy? And what is manavi? Like Beelzebub , it is the story of creation of the universe and human kind on earth more according to Qura'n. And once again who was Molana-Rumi's Teacher, a figure known as Shams meaning Sun in Arabic and as mentioned above, if not legendary, we know very little about his personal life, his teachers, the schools of his initiations, etc, plus the fact that it associates once more the cult of Mehr love and also Christ.

On this basis, it is not strange that even GIG's exact birthday is not known remembering the time and place of his birth. Birth certificates emerged in this part of the world around the beginning of the twentieth century, that is more or less 40 years after GIG's birth.

the Spring 12222 issue

In educated families of the time the custom was to write birthday dates on the back of Qura'n. I don't know whether Christians referring to GIG's parents living in the region had the same custom or not. In any case, when dates are not written down, even parents may very well forget the exact date of their children's birthday, particularly when there are several children and it is not a custom to celebrate birthdays fortifying long term memory either.

This is another custom borrowed from the west. Therefore, in addition to above facts, if GIG intentionally hid certain facts about his life such as birth date, name of his teachers and things like that which some see it that way , he has instead left us a fascinating and uniquely honest autobiography entailing the most private things in one's life, i. And he has done it in such a way that it can not be washed away with the passage of time, which is what happened to all other great influential teachers, let alone the saints and imams who now appear to be absolutely sinless and PERFECT supermen.

It indeed seems quite unlikely that one may gain perfection in this physical body, remembering the vastness of all that we can never know about ourselves, carried in our genes, in our personal and collective unconscious and finally in our subconscious as the result of outside impressions received in the course of one's life. Even supermen are after all humans and thus imperfect.

Expecting such people to be flawless can be the source of many misunderstandings and missing more important points in such people's lives. Gurdjeff is unique in the sense of leaving us an absolutely realistic account of the inner life of a seeker of truth, from where he starts, all that might happen to him on the way and after reaching his goal, which is what any seeker really needs to know.

According to GIG's teaching the goal is to reach the level of being of man number seven a totally conscious aware human being who includes and embraces all lower ones and manifest them in a dynamic predictable way set out in the Enneagram. Let us see if we can detect these seven men in him from what he has left us particularly in his third autobiographical series: Life is Real only then when I Am.

His man number one ruled by physical, i. His man number two ruled by emotional center is Gurdjieff, the seeker of Truth as the result of the formation of a magnetic focus in this center initiated by his first teachers, particularly his father and grandmother according to his own account. His man number three ruled by mental center is Gurdjieff the philosopher, the scientist, the healer hypnotizer, the man of letters, the intellectual.

His man number four taking the reign of the three lower centers in his hands with his conscience emerging on the surface now, is GIG trying to teach what he had gained as the result of his long searches and do what he preaches, thus setting a role-model while honestly depicting for the follower, the emotional states even pondering on the thought of committing suicide that even at such a relatively high level of being might seize and overwhelm one. His man number five with the higher emotional center activated , the monk at the end of the line is perhaps exemplified in Beelzebub, the compassionate old grandfather repentant for his youthful sin criticizing the creator with his subsequent expulsion from "heaven" and his exile to one of the worst corners of the Universe, i.