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His core skill was observation. He also liked to combine ideas across disciplines and experiences. He was always capturing his observations. Before reading this book, I felt pretty pleased with myself about doing a reasonable job of navigating the healthcare system anytime family or friends needed support. After finishing the book, I realized my approach was definitely in need of a big upgrade. The book provides a complete framework for how to deal with healthcare issues from primary care to emergencies to serious illness.

If you know anyone who will ever visit a doctor or hospital in their life, reading this book just might help save their life. Most people end up at a random physician, usually recommended by one friend. Healthcare records communication is still evolving. Instead, keep your own records. In the future, when there is a major health issue, you can go back and refer to the history to help solve the mystery.

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For anything serious, think of it like a crisis response team. You need people who can provide personal support of course. But also organizational, communication and even clinical research support. It seems like a lot of work, except if you consider that it can save a life.

30 Life Lessons I Learned In 30 Years

A lot of people simply accept a diagnosis because of deferral to doctor authority and domain expertise. There are many motivations for surgery or complicated health care procedures because of misaligned incentives or other reasons. Take the opportunity to make sure you have the best possible diagnosis.

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With rare diseases, the gap between experts and everyone else is even larger. Academic hospitals who have an entire department focused on the illness are most likely to combine practical experience with the latest scientific research.

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Wait until all the data is available before evaluating the options. Liminal Thinking is a small book with a big impact. The aha moment came when comparing it to subliminal. Liminal thinking starts with awareness of these thresholds, boundaries and the space in between things.

Especially the hidden ones. Our blind spots. Even with endless information, or perhaps especially because of endless information, the scarce constraint for humans between reality and beliefs is attention. Neuroscientist Manfred Zimmerman estimates that our conscious attention has a capacity of 40 bits per second compared to our sensory capacity of 11 million bits per second.

Dave shares a story about a dog who had some negative beliefs about others trying to steal his food. By working with a dog whisperer to help build up trust, the dog came out of a negative learning loop and entered a positive learning loop. There are surface beliefs which are already hard to change. Underneath are governing beliefs which are the hardest to change because that means changing self-image.

Our beliefs are embedded in our routines as individuals, organizations and society. Disrupting the routines can help to identify, challenge and potentially change beliefs. A powerful way to find your blind spots is to start assuming a belief is true and act accordingly. A lot of time is spent on facts and logic to share beliefs but stories are more powerful.

If you just give facts, people will create their own stories based on the facts using their existing belief system. This book flips standard assumptions about negotiating. Instead of being happy with yes, appreciate no even more. Instead of finding their mistakes, admit your mistakes. Instead of negotiating a compromise, solve a mystery. Most of the time we rush during tense negotiation.

To slow yourself down, you should repeat what others say. It helps them too. These need to be addressed first in order to move forward. No is the opening to solving a problem. The road to commitment starts with no. A summary is a good starting point. This encourages more creativity in finding new solutions.

1. In any industry, look for the superboss

Usually the most interesting things are not even known in the beginning. Take the time and effort to find them. Face time is the best way. Negotiating becomes even more important when dealing with very aggressive negotiators.

Of course incentives matter. But for most people, values and beliefs are even more important.

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  • Find those to really understand their motivations. This book is not simply massive in terms of quantity, Tim does a great job in each interview to bring out the unique personality and voice of every individual. Use discipline as a way to learn.

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    Throw out the timeline by making a commitment to a long-term goal and then go for consistency over intensity Christopher Sommer. Be the first of something, not the 3rd Tim Ferriss. To write well, just start writing because creativity comes later through the act of doing Robert Rodriguez.

    If you generate enough bad ideas, a few good ones tend to show up Seth Godin. Write to get ideas, not to express them Kevin Kelly. The ones that always return to you are the keepers. Write books to show your heart, not intelligence Paul Coelho. Free education is abundant. Learn the macro from the micro Josh Waitzkin. Start with something specific and basic. The quality of your life is the quality of your questions Tony Robbins.

    When interviewing, aim for the heart first Cal Fussman.

    How Our Mortality Can Teach Us About Life And Living

    What is the most audacious thing you can do? Bryan Johnson. Challenge all assumptions. Part of strategy is solving the easiest problem first Reid Hoffman. Instead of a 10 year plan and ask how to get there in 6 months Peter Thiel.

    Forget trends and focus on the mission. Most companies gave up caring a long time ago, so just giving a damn is a competitive edge Alexis Ohanian.