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Mario Triola remains the market-leading statistics author by engaging The publication consists of seven chapters; the first chapter deals with overall energy, with t Freedman James Freedman, the fifteenth president of Dartmouth College, began life in a struggling middle-class Jewish family in a provincial industrial New Hampshire town. Excellent classic fiction title. Highly recommended for high school readers and older. Great purchase for libraries and schools.

Linda S, Librarian.

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She battles extreme poverty and entrenched traditions while struggling with her own faith in an inspiring manner. I remember asking for a copy when I was in high school — even though I had read it, I wanted to be able to re-read it again and again. I think current high school students will also relate to her questioning and to her desire to make a difference. A small concern, frankly, is the cover of this new addition — while realistic, I did not find it as appealing as some of the images associated with earlier versions and the mids award-winning CBS series.

Charity H, Reviewer. I love this book! The characters are wonderful and the writing superb. It is a delightful story I can read over and over. This has so much from love and friendship to overcoming and strength you'll feel warm and tears as well as happy you read it. Visiting Cutter Gap and getting to know the characters and this world is worth your time.

Amanda O, Reviewer.

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As others have said, this was a favorite book as a teen. What a delight to reread it as an adult. It is, obviously, a bit dated but still so enjoyable! It's always fun to come back to an old favorite and notice different aspects of the story you didn't notice before. I hope this will find it's way into the hands of a whole new generation of young women following after God's heart.

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Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a digital copy to share my honest opinions with you. Patti S, Reviewer. This book is a classic. I loved it years ago and after reading it again, I love it even more. This is an absorbing and inspiring story, and the characters are ones that will linger in your heart and mind. This book will always have a place on my favorites shelf. Sarah O, Reviewer.

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I've always loved this book. I was excited when I saw they were releasing an anniversary edition! Catherine Marshall tells the true story of her mother who left her comfortable life in Asheville in at the age of 19 to go and be a school teacher in rural Appalachia. As can be expected from the time period, there is a strong religious tone throughout the story. I'll be honest and admit, that I ignore much of the "preaching" aspects of this story. It's just not really my thing. I loved reading about the interactions and relationships Christy was able to build among the mountain people.

Their way of life and stories are just fascinating. It's a great peek into a time period that is largely forgotten. Pre-WWI america does not seem to get much interest. Great story about a strong woman who listened to her heart and did what she thought was best for her. Jennifer O, Reviewer. The paperback has been on her bookshelf for as long as I can remember I think she purchased it in the late 's, when the book was originally published.

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Although an avid reader as a teen, I never chose to read the book, for some reason, but after reading it as an adult, I understand why my mother loves the book so much. The book is so beautifully written, with such descriptive, tender language and style. The book is simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking. Being a social services worker, I haven't had the luxury of shying away from the tragedies and horrible situations that people of all ages are subjected to.

The book is a story of hope and of human dignity, of what happens when people choose to help one another.

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  4. It's a lovely book, one that reads as both memoir and fiction at once. It is fascinating, sad, joyous, touching and poignant--essentially all of the descriptors that readers love to encounter. I'd recommend the book to absolutely anyone. And I'd especially recommend it for those who are in social work and social services. There are so many things that are important for us to understand about people who are in need of services, whose family situations or past have affected them to what amounts to be a cellular level.

    It's a wonderful, wonderful book.

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    I am appreciative of the free electronic copy I received from the publisher via NetGalley. I was not required to write a review. The opinions here are my own. Sheila G, Reviewer. Always a delight to read a classic again. I loved this book as a teenager and I love it even more as a fifty something. I was taken back in time.

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    Will be buying these books for my 20 year old daughter. Linda K, Reviewer. It was an absolute delight to reread this favorite book by Catherine Marshall. I believe this is an very well written and timeless piece about the Appalachian culture. Catherine Marshall is a gifted storyteller and I truly enjoyed this Christian fiction story based on Catherine's mother Lenora.

    The author provides such delightful, vivid descriptions of the countryside and the people themselves that I felt as if I was there. This book to my way of thinking definitely comes under the heading of "classic" as it is still just as great today as it was when it was first published. If you haven't read Christy then you are missing out!

    Claudia C, Reviewer. Originally published in , Christy is a historical fiction novel based on the experience of the author's mother teaching at a Christian mission in the Smoky Mountains in the early s.