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Life Of A Slave Girl

Driven by the horrors of slavery and fear of a predatory master, Harriet Jacobs makes the life-altering decision to escape. This unflinching classic portrait of slave life exposes slavery on a level comparable only to that of Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. Our Literary Touchstone Classics are unabridged, complete texts, and come with unbelievable prices. Sturdy bindings, premium paper, and American-made construction are always used to ensure you get the most out of your Literary Touchstone Classic, perfect for any classroom or library.

The slave child had no thought for the morrow; but there came that blight, which too surely waits on every human being born to be a chattel. But to the slave mother New Year's day comes laden with peculiar sorrows. She sits on her cold cabin floor, watching the children who may all be torn from her the next morning and often does she wish that she and they might die before the day dawns.

I was ordered to go for flowers, that my mistress's house might be decorated for an evening party.

Essay on Dehumanization of Humanity -- Slavery

I spent the day gathering flowers and weaving them into festoons, while the dead body of my father was lying within a mile of me. What cared my owners for that? Moreover, they thought he had spoiled his children, by teaching them to feel that they were human beings. This was blasphemous doctrine for a slave to teach; presumptuous in him, and dangerous to the masters.

If you want to be fully convinced of the abominations of slavery, go on a southern plantation, and call yourself a negro trader. Then there will be no concealment; and you will see and hear things that will seem to you impossible among human beings with immortal souls. I WAS born a slave; but I never knew it till six years of happy childhood had passed away. Every day we present the best quotes! Improve yourself, find your inspiration, share with friends. Login Sign Up. Harriet Ann Jacobs Quotes Quotes about: facebook twitter googleplus.

There are no bonds so strong as those which are formed by suffering together Harriet Ann Jacobs. Strong , Suffering , Together. Harriet Ann Jacobs Harriet Ann Jacobs. Girl , Heart , Men. Daughter , Father , Son. Law , Slave Girl , Patriotism.

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Black , Doe , Injustice. Mother , Children , Eye. Beautiful , Spring , Soul.

Community , Literature , Cruelty. Girl , Slave Girl , Atmosphere. Giving , Literature , Adequate. Religious , Men , Differences. War , Creatures , Powerless.


Believe , Vices , Degradation. Practice , Principles , Sophistry. Jealous , Slave Girl , Giving. Sunshine , Tears , Hue.

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl - Part 2

Girl , Years , Ignorant. She pleads to ideals of household ideology and asks females on the North not for their contempt or pity, but for empathy for her as well as other helpless slave women in the South.

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Linda faces sexual harassment for the father of her mistress Dr. He is a licentious and cruel male, like several slaveholders, tries to make Linda his concubine, and subjects her to many years of sexual harassment. Linda describes the anger and shock she felt through his sadistic attacks on her individual autonomy. According to Jacobs 18 , Linda narrates that when Flint told her that she was made for his use, meant to obey all his commands, that she was nothing but a slave, whose will should and must surrender to his.

Flint murmured impure things in Linda's ears, wrote impure letters but she pretended that she could not hear or she could not read. She shuns his advances by usually being in presence of others and she displays an incredible power over and opposition of Flints will. The wife of Dr. Flint is brutal and callous woman who constantly enjoys the despair of the slaves. Other than confronting her spouse as a result of his lecherous deeds, she displays her respect to male power and blames Linda as the cause of her spouse's lust. Because she does not have much power to handle the issue, Mrs.

Literary Touchstone Classic

Flint jealously and hatred to Linda enlarges and she turns out to be obsessed with trailing her every step. Linda elucidates that a thing that commands approbation in the white female only speeds up the deprivation of the woman slave Jacobs, Flint who is Linda's master and enemy has legal rights to do anything he feels like to Linda, but desires to seduce her through threatening and tricking her other than taping her.

All through the novel, Linda consistently goes against him and disobeys to have a sexual affair with him. This infuriates Dr.

Flint and he quickly fixates over the thought of contravening her unruly spirit.