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Mercury at Abbey Field Some songs are available in more difficult formats. For example, the player can try to play an 8B song fitted for a 6B layout. It allows player to have higher score in 6B layout mode. The gameplay also opens new game modes, songs, styles, additional content like music videos or backgrounds for player as player progresses and gains experience points which determine the level of the player.

DJMax Respect V | Fact sheet, game videos, screenshots and more

In Arcade mode, the player has to pass stages. There are usually three or four stages in Arcade mode depending on the game. Stages consist usually of a limited selections of songs. In the first stages, the songs feature a lower rating than the songs in the later stages. When the player has passed all the stages, scores from the stages are combined and presented to the player with statistics about the player's success.

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The objective of this mode is to get the highest score. In some games the player can compete against others by submitting his or her score to an online ranking system by using password codes that DJMax generates. Freestyle is a mode where any unlocked song can be played individually. Additionally, the combo counter is persistent throughout all song plays meaning the player can get an 'infinite" combo.

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Mission game mode, which is also known as XC Extreme Challenge mode in some DJMax games, features pre-selected sets of songs with certain challenges. These are explained in a mission briefing when selecting a mission.

These challenges can be for example achieving a certain number of points, a certain score multiplier, a certain accuracy, not breaking the combo more than what is allowed, or achieving a certain combo. These challenges can be combined. For example, in DJMax Portable 2 there is a challenge called "Rock n' Night", which states that player has to use DJ Fever at least once, two times in a row, on every pre-selected stage of the mission and that player also has to exceed combo of notes.

It features game modes 3. The player uses the PSP's analog stick to move active track to be either left or right, default position being center. These additional tracks only feature three lines so player only has to press the square, triangle and circle buttons while moving the analog stick correspondingly to hit the notes.

The trick is that player has to follow the active track and changes can come fast. In this arcade series which also has one entry for the PlayStation Vita and mobile platforms , players have to tap the screen at the moment when a moving slider crosses the symbols. Tapping the correct symbols produce sounds which fills in the missing sounds from the song and gives players points.

There are different kinds of hand gestures or motions player needs to perform at times. Due to the comparable similarity between DJMAX games and the Beatmania series, including the interface and keysounding implementation, Pentavision received an intellectual property infringement filing from Konami on December 24, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This article relies too much on references to primary sources. The playlists on my phone are the most random and eclectic mix imaginable. However, I always look forward to long-haul flights. I also love to walk everywhere in London and that gives me chance to listen to music making it a special time — music really is food for the soul.

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  • It takes you on a musical tour of all the hotels in just 18 songs. Take a musical journey to our legendary destinations around the world with our bespoke Spectrum of Sound playlist curated by international DJ Max Chipchase. View the latest issue of Collect, our bi-annual magazine featuring a curated mix of culture, art and lifestyle, together with the latest news from Dorchester Collection hotels. Newsletter signup EN. Toggle navigation Dorchester Collection Moments.

    Festive season Hotels Hotels. How did you first get into music? What made you want to become a DJ? What are some of your favourite tracks?

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