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Encompassed by a charming small town and a dense forest, this lake is a favourite spot for hiking, swimming and taking a break from the pace of the city. Straussee, Strausberg, Germany. To enter, guests locate an unmarked, sticker-covered door and head up a graffitied stairwell; upon their arrival, visitors are greeted with ambient electronic beats and an impressive cocktail menu. Fahimi Bar, Skalitzer Str. Often sandwiched between railway tracks and residential streets, these quirky spaces pique the interest of passersby. Visitors can spend an afternoon wandering the fragrant gardens and resting their feet at the old-school pub, treating themselves to a couple of beers and an idyllic rural atmosphere, all without leaving the city.

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However, if you are craving some meat, you can visit Crackers , which is run by the same team and is located in a former cinema below. Hosted by Berlin Spoken Word, the night is an open space for everyone to share their stories, poetry and musings.

From the tear-jerking to the knee-slapping, this night always offers a wide selection of spoken-word performances every Thursday night, and is beloved by locals and visitors in the know. With 20 specialities, this small brewery offers a beer for everyone, with quirky names like Amber Rocket and Wedding Crossover. The modern brewery also has a huge courtyard, making it the perfect spot for a few beers in the warmer months.

Housed in a former 19th-century brewery is La Soupe Populaire , a unique dining experience amid the raw brick and exposed pipes and steel. From top Berlin chef Tim Raue, this dining experience combines art and culinary delights, offering creative dishes that celebrate the soulful comfort food of German home cooking. Guests can finish off a night of lavish dining with an amazing cocktail amid Hansel-and-Gretel decor in the adjacent Le Croco Bleu bar.

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Serving up amazing coffee and baked treats, this local gem has a laid-back atmosphere and is certainly off the beaten track. No one knows what is in the future for the United States or even the world, so preparation is crucial. To endure and overcome whatever challenges may lie ahead; Christians need to be free from anything that has rendered them vulnerable. Emotional baggage from the past creates victims.

If a person can acknowledge the possibility that emotional wounds do exist and that these wounds can hide inside the mind; then perhaps he can acknowledge that healing is limited only by his willingness, through faith, to believe and receive. The first step in the healing process is to acknowledge vulnerability. Your Cart: 0. Home Contact About Us Help.

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However, usually, she's just chilling in one of these fabulous cat hiding spots to take a break from her hectic day. Here are some of her most common hiding spots:. The most common of escape locations is the average cardboard box be it shoebox or soda carton. It provides a soothing space for your feline pal, and the smaller the better. In addition to the warmth generated by the cardboard insulation, the four walls of the box give her the security and comfort she craves. Additionally, she can spy on you—and anyone else invading her territory—by peeking over the sides. Boxes are also nice because they can provide their own place to let your cat scratch without damaging anything of value to you.

Or under the covers on the bed. Or under the pillows on the bed.

10 Mysterious Secret Rooms People Found Inside Their House

Let's face it: Cats just love the fluffy coziness of their pet parent's bed just as much as you do, which you already know if you're a cat parent. When hosting a party at your house, you'll typically find your kitty under the bed because that space is dark, quiet, and too small to fit a human. In other words, it's perfect for when she's feeling shy.

Hide and Seek: Is Your Cat Hiding from You? | Hill's Pet

A cat's affection for hiding on, in, or under a bed transfers over to a love of laundry baskets, preferably filled with fresh-out-of-the-dryer clean clothes, because your wardrobe offers the same comfort as bed covers. If you discover your cat hiding in your basket, can you really blame her? After all, it's not that much different than when her people snuggle up with a warm blanket.

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This might be a habit you want to break because as nice as putting on a warm, just-out-of-the-dryer piece of clothing can be, it might not be as nice covered in cat hair. What's not to love about a dark closet? Cats love this space because it has at least two sturdy walls for security and an abundance of soft fabric to cuddle.

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Another benefit of a closet is that the enclosed space blocks much of the sound emanating from the rest of the home, so your kitty can get her good day's sleep. This is a great hiding space for your kitty if you're hosting a party, or if she's hiding from you because it's time to trim her nails or give her a bath. Just make sure you prepare yourself. Seeing a couple of eyes peering out of the dark as you go to change your shoes can give you quite a startle. You may be taken aback the first time you catch your cat lounging in the bathroom sink, but it's actually a pretty great spot.

For starters, the average bathroom sink is just the right size to contain your furry friend and give her the shelter she needs, much like a cardboard box. Additionally, she finds the coolness of the sink comfortable, and the proximity of running water to play with is a bonus. And don't be surprised if you pull back your shower curtain one day to find your cat sitting in the tub.

Although it's a much bigger structure, the bathtub also provides an awesome four-walled hideout. So don't throw away those empty boxes, or put away your laundry too soon, or tidy up that closet. Providing your cat with the things she needs to create the perfect cat hiding spot will help to keep her calm and stress-free!