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Only Sales Guide You'll Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Review "I can think of no better gift a sales manager can give to herself that buying, devouring, highlighting, annotating the book. I could fill, well, a book, with the observations, quips and insights that Mike provides so buy the book.

I highly recommend Sales Management. I review tons of sales books and this is one of the best I have ever read. Weinberg's guide for sales executives is a must-read.

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If you're searching for the answer to why your sales force misses the mark, the answer may surprise you. More often than not, the issue doesn't lie with the sales team, but with how it's being led.

Our Holistic Approach to Sales Management Training

Is it possible you're unknowingly under-mining your company's sales effort? Providing a simple, actionable framework you can adopt to create dramatic and lasting sales performance improvement, Sales Management. The book challenges you to radically reorient your calendar to maximize time spent on high-value activities, and gives you practical tips to significantly ramp up accountability without coming across as a micromanager or demotivating your people.

You'll discover practical, game-changing answers for how to point your team toward strategic targets, arm them with the weapons necessary to win, and monitor the battle in real time. Are you ready for a high-performance, results-focused, winning sales team with solid leadership, smart talent management, a strong sales culture, and a sound sales process?

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Let this book be your wakeup call to take a long look in the mirror and see why your sales team isn't as effective as it could be. Long on solutions and short on platitudes, Sales Management. He is the author of the popular book New Sales. See all Product description. No customer reviews. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon.

December 6, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. First my summary, then a few comments about the book: 1. Build a high-performance culture with: a. Strong sense of purpose b. Accountability for results relative to goals c. Variable compensation that is truly earned d. Peer pressure and direct feedback 2. Manage your talent 4Rs a. Right people in the right roles: Specialize your team into dedicated hunters, farmers account managers , and sales managers b.

Retain top producers: training, tools, and recognition c. Remediate or replace underperformers d. Lead productive sales team meetings covering: a.

Sales Manager job description

Success stories c. Best practices d. Deal strategy brainstorming e. Training esp. Business plan reviews covering: goals, strategies, proposed actions, expected obstacles, and professional development g. At the conclusion, have people share their biggest take-away 4. This book serves to inspire your internal motivation and self-belief in order to become successful in sales.

Being a great sales manager means becoming a developer of salespeople instead of simply putting out fires. In turn, well-developed salespeople will create their own success which is your success as well. The Accidental Sales Manager will teach you how to coach salespeople who manage themselves, and bring out the expert in you as you transition from sales rep to manager.

The book covers everything from recruitment, sales meetings, roadblocks, and people management. Nathan Jamail uses his extensive experience in sales to provide a guidebook that is essential for sales reps and managers alike. This book promises to take their knowledge and turn it into valuable skills that can be applied in real-world situations. In The Sales Leaders Playbook you will find techniques and best practices for creating an organizational belief system, increasing team morale, improving sales abilities, communication, and increasing sales.

With 30 years of success in technology sales, Scott Dunkel provides advice for any person interested in making it big in professional sales. The book provides interviews with sales executives, high-level decision-makers and sales managers to find out their trade secrets. Well-known sales principles are presented and backed up with real-life sales stories, which makes it easier to understand and apply when it comes down to brass tacks.

If you want to turn your sales job into a career this is the book for you. John A.

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Weber Publisher: John A. Weber, Short, concise chapters and fun cartoons make this book an easy read. The focus here is on solution-selling and using common sense to grow both sales and profits. Just keep them away from the process.

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Trying to sell at this stage will wreck the conversion rate of these emails. Note from David Skok: I wrote on this topic here: When selling is the worst way to win customers. Best is if you can have two people starting this at the same time, so they leverage the buddy system. After that, you really just want smart people who can figure things out, who know something about business. They were able to learn sales. They were good at having business conversations. They also need to be able to develop trust, and have high integrity. They should have a good sense of process, because if you are disorganized, it is not going to be effective.

The high level concept here is that people need to take multiple steps to get to know you.

10 great books for sales reps and sales managers

Sales people need to relax, and stop trying to go for the close so fast. There is not enough patience in the world. This is all about patience and baby steps. The Internet has drastically shifted power from sellers to buyers.

SALES INTERVIEW Questions And Answers (How To PASS Your Sales interview!)

The old way of marketing and selling involved pushing information onto prospects and then working to control their steps along a sales process. Buyers had limited access to information, which they had to negotiate out of sellers. Now, buyers can do more research on their own before they ever talk to a human at a company if they ever do talk to a human! Let the prospects do the work for you! The layers enable prospects and vendors to test mutual compatibility with progressive steps of increasing trust and commitment, to minimize the risk and costs of a bad fit to both parties.

News and Insight for Sales Leaders by Gerhard Gschwandtner

As a seller, now you can more easily test out how much of a fit the customer is for you, before you commit extra time or resources to them! Committing to a bad-fit customer is an enormous cost, and the right layers can help you avoid those landmines. Give up trying to control how long someone takes to move forward. This is always priority 1! Aaron says that, in their marketing and prospecting, companies and people do way too much selling.

Sales Hiring: The Ultimate Guide

I have recently posted a slide deck that talks more about this topic here: Using Outbound Prospecting to reach highly targeted prospects. It has a great deal more detail than is covered in this short interview. Aaron was kind enough to share a sizeable sample of the book the first three chapters for our readers, which you can download by clicking here.