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Links Wikipedia: author article Lee. Wikipedia: author article Miller. Wikipedia: series article. Series description Chronology adapted from the timeline in the back of the Quiet Knives chapbook. At this time, only one of the short stories in each of the Adventures in the Liaden Universe chapbooks is showing on this list, even though all of their short stories have been annotated.

Separate chronologies for novels and short stories can also be found on the Wikipedia Liaden Universe page.

Certain Symmetry

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    • The series has about seventeen different books up to with the earliest being published in around and approximately 21 chapbooks. The series covers over a long period of time and also talks about more than one universe with the main chronology being unclear. Get your copy on these entertaining books online today and enjoy the story in these science fiction books.

      Certain Symmetry by Sharon Lee

      They are some of the best science fiction books that will make you understand the universe. The first three books of Liaden Universe Series by Sharon Lee were published by Del Rey and were first published in electronic forms in the year This was a set of the first ten novels in the series. You can always find them online at pocket friendly prices. This is the first book in the series. The main character is Val Con.