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This is the heart we have all received from Adam our first covenant head. These methods all operate on the basis that there is something in fallen man which may be induced to respond to the call of the gospel. But our whole nature is corrupt and there is no influence from man which can overcome our natural enmity against God and all that He is. Even the pure truth of itself does no more than scratch the surface of a stony heart. Saul of Tarsus was familiar with the Scriptures from his birth and was schooled in the Jewish religion.

He studied the law, sang the psalms and attended the Passover. But none of this brought him to Christ.

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Under the gospel there are those who listen to the word attentively and receive it joyfully. We may be hopeful for them, that they have truly believed upon the Saviour. We should remember that time is the test of every conversion. Sadly many go back when the demands of discipleship become apparent to them. They are seen to be unregenerate after all and still in their sins. How many for a time show a superficial piety, which is later blown away to reveal a barren heart underneath! There is but one solution. This is a strong term, meaning to dash in pieces or shatter.

What makes the gospel such a mighty hammer? What makes it different from all man-made religion, which is powerless to turn a sinner to righteousness?

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The answer is the Spirit of God. When the preaching of the word is accompanied by His omnipotent power, both sinners and saints are made to feel the force of its truth. The finest hammer cannot operate by itself or do any useful work. It cannot break a rock in pieces unless wielded by an appropriate workman.

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So the Scriptures are passive and powerless until taken up and used by their Author, according to His sovereign good pleasure. She lamented Dan's inactivity in this battle: " Ezekiel's lament for Tyre, describes Dan's association with that city: "Danites and Greeks from Uzal bought your merchandise The commerce of the Phoenicians as sea traders is well documented; Tyre being their main sea-port.

When Assyria captured Israel the tribe of Dan struck out in their ships and sailed west through the Mediterranean.

An east wind travels westward. Along the shores of the Mediterranean they have left their trail in Den, Don and Din. In the peninsula of Spain their waymark names such as Me-din-a, and Si-don-ia, remain to this day. Irish annals and history show that the new settlers of Ireland at this time were the Tuatha de Danaans, which translated means, "Tribe of Dan". We find many of these waymarks are still remaining, and Dun-sowar "Dan's resting place" , and Dun-sobairse "Dan's habitation" are placenames on the Irish coast.

Dan's appearance in ancient Ireland is also confirmed in Ptolemy's ancient map of Europe. Other waymarks of Dan throughout Europe are too numerous to mention, although, best known of these are Dan-mark, Mace-don-ia, the Dan-ube, Scan-din-avia, Dun-kirk, E-din-burgh and Lon-don, to name but a few. With the aforementioned evidence, we would expect the emblems of Dan to be found among the people of Europe, the horse in particular.

An example of an early European people carrying a horse emblem is the Celts, considered by many historians to be the forefathers of the British people. The white horse emblem is found carved into the hillsides of southern England, revealing the white chalk under the surface.

In view of the impermanent nature of chalk, the Uffington Horse is one of the most remarkable ancient monuments of Europe Chambers Enc. In Denmark, the horse appears on the shield of the Royal Arms, and it also appears in the Netherlands, and in the crest of various families throughout Scotland. The evidence is once again conclusive, Dan, one of the tribes of Israel, did move through Europe and settle in northern Europe and the British Isles. Emblems are signs the Bible uses to identify various nations, and although names and places may change their emblems seldom do.

In this way it is still possible to identify people and their origins. Bible promises and prophecies still influence the affairs of nations today and in this way history can be a vehicle to help understand past events. It is not possible to know exactly what these standards looked like, but we can imagine an Egyptian influence having recently left this rich and ancient culture. It is possible to uncover the designs of standards from various scriptural sources.

There were three main blessings given to the children of Israel through Jacob, Moses and Balaam. We will now investigate the references to Naphtali and follow with the other tribal emblems in future articles. A hind is the Middle-Eastern equivalent of the European deer. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.

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