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Live this experience in which the residents of Valentin will share with you their experience in the sustainable management of the jungle, such as the areas of reforestation, the creation of the most extensive orchid garden in the region, the extraction of natural gum and the production of honey. Let yourself be seduced by the nuances of this corner of the jungle.

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If you are interested in agrotourism, you have the opportunity to learn about the works they carry out to promote the management of acahuales vegetation in regeneration , a strategy to promote the sustainable use of jungles. The community has the more extensive orchid garden in the region, which was formed with species rescued from lands that were victims of deforestation. Ask your guide if there are species in bloom so you can see their colorful and lush flowers. From there, there is a sign that indicates the path to take to the community of Zoh lagoon, it is 6 km in length and it will take you to this village that was once a jungle, and that retains a picturesque style with its colorful wood houses and leafy Trees.

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You can enjoy m of trails through the jungle at the foot of the lagoon. There is a really good chance that this post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of them, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost for you. Inside the biosphere, it is located one of the most precious and biggest Mayan archaeological site and the most popular in the region.

What I would like to highlight here is that although it has become famous for the magnificent Calakmul national park, the region has much much more to offer. During my road trip, after speaking with the helpful guys of the Tourist information center of VISIT CALAKMUL , I have decided to extend my stay for about 5 days in order to see everything as much as possible, and, believe me, I should have stayed longer in order to see completely everything.

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The road is in great conditions and there is absolutely no danger. Besides, you will be free to move around at your pace without having to depend on taxis or buses. You can check out my post on driving around in Mexico for more info. Driving from Bacalar or Campeche you will enter route and right after about 1-hour driving you will pass the frontiers of Quintana Roo and you will be in Campeche region. You will see a military checkpoint. Not to worry: they are doing random checks and will only ask for your driving license and car documents.

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You will notice the difference of attitude from the Police in the Riviera Maya. However I can tell you that I was driving on my own and as a blond woman mastering the Spanish language, I was asked extra unnecessary questions but that was fine. You just smile and answer politely and you are good to go. On the road in the Calakmul area. From Merida, you need to get to Escarcega and then hop onto another bus. You need to look for Xpujil which is the core of the entire area. When you reserve your ticket online you can get help on the itinerary using their chat from 7 am to 10 pm. They speak English too.

If you get there by bus, you will need taxis to move around.

Calakmul: Pyramids in the Forest

There is a taxi station right in the center of Xpujil and they will ask you about pesos to go to Calakmul, whereas if you stay in the hotels around the Biosphere they will call a taxi for you. To rent a car once you are there is more complicated, near to impossible. Walking around the community of Cristobal Colon.

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A peacock in the biosphere of Calakmul. The Calakmul Biosphere Reserve was established as a natural protected area in and it is a Unesco World Heritage site from A wood-picker in Calakmul biosphere. The deep and thick jungle is home of the one of a great abundance of wildlife and hosts a rich biodiversity, that was very appreciated by the Mayans and represented in their paintings, pottery, sculptures, rituals, food and arts in general, that have been discovered as witnesses of the grandeur of this civilization. Several of the species are considered threaten and in danger. The hieroglyphic inscriptions on stelae, altars, and building elements reveal important facts about the territorial organization and political history, and some epigraphic records provide information that has not been found anywhere else in the Maya Area.

Estela Maya — Calakmul. The city of Calakmul was the capital of the reign of the Kaan, in the classic period between the 3rd and 7th century, and it seems that it reached the It is so incredible how much advanced this population was in astronomy and Agricultural technology, engineering, and architecture. It was in fact. One of the inhabitants of Calakmul — spider monkey. I loved to see that the excavation works have been very much respectful of the surrounding nature, though and many secular threes have been spared, despite the huge amazing work that has been done from the archeologist so that we can admire and get closer to such a brilliant and mysterious civilization.

One of the things that impressed me the most while visiting any of those archeological sites is how secular trees are rooted over massive blocks of stone and it is not rare to find vegetation on top of an ancient tower. Our guide Abel on top of one building in Calakmul. If you love to climb up you will have your own natural amusement park in Calakmul, where you can reach the top of the main structures; just do it with respect and paying much attention to where you put your feet.

Especially if it has rained, it can be slippery. The view of an infinite green carpet from the top is mesmerizing. I would wholeheartedly suggest you should hire a local guide for the entire time so that you can make the most of it and learn about the local spices of flora and fauna that grow here and more details on the Mayan civilization besides local anecdotes.

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When I was there I found a travel companion in the office and we get together for the trip and hire a great guide. Tucan in Calakmul — It was difficult to capture with my camera they were in perpetual movement — such beautiful bird! The guide stayed with us for the entire day for pesos about 50 USD. A hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, especially for early morning as the mosquitoes are quite aggressive.

Calakmul one of the beautiful buildings. There are specialized guides available to take you to the best spots. Ask your concierge or the Visit Calakmul office for information. This happens in a cave just outside the entrance of Calakmul. You need to go with a guide that you can book here contacto visitcalakmul. It will be around 6 or 7 depending on the time of the year, it has to be after sunset when the bats come out in a circle all together forming something like a vortex.

It is an amazing show. The beautiful stucco frieze in Balamku. I am not sure why this Mayan site always passes unnoticed although it is of great importance as well, situated within the premises of the biosphere of Calakmul, the entrance is almost opposite to the Calakmul site entrance.