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Typical Serbian meals are prepared in order to serve guests for three days. The night before the slava, the oldest woman in the house makes a special bread called slavski kolac which is decorated with various decorations, and she also cooks a medium sized bowl of wheat. The next day, for the feast day, the oldest male typically takes the wheat and bread to church.

After liturgy, the priest reads specific prayers for the cutting of the bread and the blessing of the wheat. The priest blesses the bread, cuts it, and then it is spun in a circle by the family while a special hymn is sung. Then, wine gets poured in the shape of a cross onto the cut bread. The wheat is then blessed with special prayers that mention the family and the deceased of the family. After liturgy, the family goes home to prepare for the coming of the guests. First, the oldest male in the house lights a very big candle slavska sveca , and he and other males in the house rotate throughout the day.

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They rotate because one male has to be standing at all times while the candle is lit during the first day of the slava. Guests then come to enjoy the food and to celebrate the baptism of this family. Each guest is greeted with a spoon of the wheat and a piece of the bread. At the end of the day, the oldest male takes a piece of the bread, pours wine onto it, reads a prayer of thanks for their saint, and then puts out the candle with the bread and eats that piece. The slava not only celebrates the baptism and commemorates their protector saint, it also brings the family together and all their friends.

People visit each other for their slavas and spend time rejoicing and thanking God and their saints for being Orthodox. During the vast wars in Serbia, people hid their best flour, drinks, etc. No matter where the Serb was or under what condition, he always found a way to celebrate his slava.

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The slava is a Serbian tradition, however, anyone can take one with the blessing of their parish. That includes eggs and milk for cakes. Slava is the custom for thousand of years old, and in time, many specialties of both types of food were created. At the beginning of the dinner, first, the appetizer is placed on the table. That include various types of dried and salted meat, ham, prosciutto, salami, dried sausages, several types of cheese, spicy vegetable salads, boiled eggs and fresh cheese. This is where boiled dense beans comes with a delicious dressing of oil, chopped garlic, and parsley.

Mushrooms of various types, salted pies, and rich salads. Meat prepared in Serbia is mostly meat of pork, lamb, or yolk in one piece. This meat is baked on a spit, in low heat for hours.

Slava, celebration of family saint patron’s day

In this way, it gets an excellent baked meat, with crispy and salty crust during roasting, the meat is sprinkled with beer or salt water. In days of fasting, fish specialties are cooked and this includes various types of fish, cooked, smoked and roasted catfish, trout, carp, pike and other river fish. After the main course and a lot of meat comes dessert. Cakes in Serbia are sweet, with lots of films several types and rich in calories.

It is customary to prepare several types of cakes so that guests can choose. Be sure to try each of it and compliment the hostess. George …. During the winter there is the more free time, so people have chosen these days for holidays. Perhaps this is the right time for you to come to Serbia and you are welcome!

Every next year you are welcome without an invitation. During a fast posno , the meal would not contain any meat other than fish or other seafood, and would be highly unlikely to contain eggs or dairy products.


Outside of a fasting period, these restrictions would not apply mrsno. Thus, colloquially, slavas can be referred to as posna or mrsna.

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Appropriately-made sweets are consumed, as well. The family attends church services and partakes in Holy Communion on the feast day. Though not necessary, it is common for the priest to bless the house and perform a small memorial service for dead relatives. The most common feast days are St. Nicholas Nikoljdan , 19 December , St.

John the Baptist Jovanjdan , 20 January , St.

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Demetrius Mitrovdan , 8 November , St. Sava Savindan , 27 January. Dates given are according to the Gregorian calendar. The Serbian Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar. Many Serbian communities villages, cities, organizations, political parties, institutions, companies, professions also celebrate their patron saint.

For example, the city of Belgrade celebrates the Ascension of Jesus Christ as its patronal feast. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Slava disambiguation. Slava prepared for the veneration of John the Baptist.

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